Understanding Challenges to Septic System Maintenance in New York State Watersheds

Photo: Sharon Moran


Our research project seeks to learn about your understanding of septic systems in specific New York communities. This will help identify where support can be offered and improvements can be made. We hope to use what we learn to help future NYS programs and planning initiatives.


The project is focused on two main study areas:

 How to Participate

Our online survey and focus groups are currently closed. 

If you are interested in taking our survey or speaking with us, please email us nysepticstudy@gmail.com.



Are you a septic system owner? Do you maintain your system? What are your concerns?


Do you work in the wastewater industry or in connection with septic systems? 

Focus Groups

Are you a septic system owner? Hear from your neighbors and discuss your concerns.

We'd like to hear about your experience and perspectives. 

Contact Us

NYSepticStudy@gmail.com or 315-728-9782 to join a focus group or for more information!

Dr. Sharon Moran

Associate Professor, 

Dept. of Environmental Studies at SUNY ESF

Mackenzie Gregg

MS Student, Graduate Program in Environmental Science at SUNY ESF

Partial funding for this research is provided by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.